東森新連鎖聯手全網贏銷啟動「洲際培育中心」計畫 錢進美國、星馬挑戰18億業績

▲王令麟全球佈局玩真的!東森新連鎖「洲際培育中心」正式啟動。Gary Wang is serious about his global expansion! (採訪撰稿/記者陳珊珊;攝影剪輯/記者謝盛帆)


▲持續追求「立足台灣、放眼中國、經營全球」目標,「東森全球新連鎖事業」橫跨北美、星馬的洲際培育中心於7/4(六)正式啟動。”ecKare” officially establishes it’s training centers in North America, Singapore and Malaysia on Saturday, July 4th, to continue its pursuit of “Starting from Taiwan, aiming at China and Worldwide expansion”(圖/記者林敬旻攝,下同)

Title: ecKare, along with it’s team in the field, NetsVictory (along with Sirius Global), Activating the “Inter-Continental Training Centers”, Set Foot on Global Market!


記者萬玟伶/台北報導  By Alice Wan, Taipei


In December, 2019, at it’s third “ecKare Social Network Convention”, Gary Wang, CEO of Eastern Media Group made his remarks on expanding the business of his company, ecKare, worldwide in 2020. Following the opening in Hong Kong on May 1st, ecKare announced it’s launching of “Inter-Continental Training Centers” today (July 4th); all distributors can now connect Taiwan to businesses in North America, Malaysia and Singapore via the infinite function of the internet, brush aside the impact from COVID-19 and achieve remarkable sales results.


At the opening ceremony, CEO Wang made an appearance via a video recording to cheer for distributors, thanking the NetsVictory team and the Sirius Global team, being ecKare’s latest addition from U.S., using online tools under the global pandemic to make the business work. Wang also positively forecasted the expansion to Canada, Mexico, Latin America and South East Asia markets. “We want to expand ecKare’s social network e-commerce concept globally and show everyone, the power of zero face-to-face contact stay-at-home economy!” said Wang. The ceremony also connected training centers worldwide via Zoom connection, joined by Vivian from North America, Jessica from Malaysia, Neo from Singapore and Winnie Leung, Chief of ecKare International & Training Dept……..no time difference can keep them from joining this celebration.


ecKare GM Tony Peng said, the career platform President Wang created at EHS, is targeted at a “global perspective” in the beginning. “within 2 years and 8 months since our establishment, our revenue reached NTD100 million, the 2nd year NTD900 million. After the opening of our training centers, we can target all overseas Chinese-speaking markets, looking at NTD 1.8 billion in sales revenue!” said Peng. The centers will be providing partners, administrative, logistic and sales resources to sell out ecKare’s carefully selected high standard products, “Today is only a kickoff of something grand, we aim to expand to North and Latin America next, today marked our milestone and our beginning on global expansion!


▲東森全球新連鎖事業總經理彭振東(中)與全網贏銷系統創辦人Caro(右)、天狼國際團隊領導Alex(左)三方簽約,宣告「洲際培育中心」正式啟動。ecKare GM Tony Peng, center, signs with NetsVictory founder Caro, right, and Sirius Global Alex, left, initiating “Inter-Continental Training Center”.


Although the training centers have only launched recently, the teams of distributors are already utilizing the centers along with social network tools in each of their local markets. Peng complimented that “Caro’s NetsVictory team, along with the team Sirius Globa, is unique in the ecKare family, they make good use of the tool and resources, combine with their marketing development system, to easily explore the American market.” The brand ecKare uniting with NetsVictory’s activities, brought us Sirius Global’s Alex, a veteran of distributors in U.S.. Alex is now back from retirement and he is now, into the game with ecKare.


Peng said, Alex actively asked to join ecKare when the pandemic was heating up, he wasn’t sure Alex was serious, so he asked casually, “Alex, would you like to come to Taiwan to meet us?” and Alex said “yes, I would!”. Alex then book his ticket and jumped on his flight to Taiwan,ignoring the risks COVID-19 can bring, and he even didn’t mind to endure 14 days of quarantine upon his arrival to Taiwan. Even Eastern business group’s CEO Wang Ling-Ling was surprised at Alex’s determination on flying over to meet-up …..Wang said, my original plan was to expand the business scope to U.S. in 2 years, but with Alex joining us, our plan had greatly accelerated.”

▲7月4日不僅是洲際培育中心成立的日子,同時也是美國國慶日。彭振東感性地說:「200多年前美國成立,成為一個偉大的國家。東森希望不用走到這麼遠,所有夥伴3年之後都月入破百萬美金!」4th of July is not just a launch date of training centers, but also the Independence Day of the U.S. “200 years ago, a great country was established. We don’t need a time-span that long, all our partners should be able to earn monthly, over millions of dollars in 3 years.”


On making a comeback to the direct selling industry with ecKare, Alex said, “I see a great project here!” Ahead of its’ competitors, “ecKare” united direct selling with social networking and e-commerce…..this is a revolutionary business model! Working with Gary Wang, the CEO, is also a force of motivation! Our CEO is a man of his words, he had made everything he promised in the past come true, following a leader like this, there’s no chance of failure! If it’s another man leading the army, I won’t have that level of faith!”


The powerful brand behind ecKare is also a key element, “everyone else is selling healthcare products and vitamins…..people would think they’re the “same cliché”. But ecKare in the Eastern Group is not the same. It’s a well-known brand! Other than healthcare products, there’re food, household appliances, beauty products and many other items. You can definitely trust the quality level, hence, everyone would trust the brand and want to buy the products.” This pandemic also gave him a revelation on that “you don’t get to choose whether to you should use the social e-commerce platform or not! It had already become a part of survival for our future. This is the time to be part of the change! Make the right decision and act now! It’s that simple!”

▲東森暨全網贏銷全球培育中心簽約儀式,天狼國際Alex Chen。(圖/記者林敬旻攝)

▲在疫情底下,親眼目睹美國經濟瞬間蕭條的Alex,提醒台灣的大家,當單純做電商與傳直銷已經走到瓶頸,雙方結合是全新方向。「這個模式未來一定會被複製,與其將來與更多人競爭,現在轉型就是最好時機。」During this global pandemic, Alex experienced the collapse of U.S. economy, and he reminds everyone in Taiwan, both the old e-commerce business and the direct selling industry are now experiencing bottleneck period. But when combining them together, it is a whole new world and a brand new direction in business. “This model is what others will try to copy, and many will try to compete with us…….Now is the best time to start!”


The “NetsVictory” team Alex chose to work with has amazed many people. Peng recalls “Caro’s team has a unique system, which continues to test the limits of social networking e-commerce model. They have gone far from what people think as the limit, based on the knowledge we have on the way to use our tools.” Everyone in the business group knows what an irreplaceable place this team represents.


Caro said, the power lies in our “3 steps of cold-calling”. “Personally, I don’t like the concept of hard-selling, so we explored a different way to do things and we conduct the business with “cold-calling”. It sounds hard, but the team designed these 3 steps of cold-calling, based on the qualities of human. If distributors really stick to these steps, the business will “chase after you” without doing any hard-selling. Being said, the key to success of the “3 steps of cold-calling” still needs to rely on the brand of the company. Caro said, when talking to new clients, if you mention “the Eastern Business Group”, it means “high quality” and carefully selected household appliances, Strawberry Net, Nature Beauty skincare and even service for pets! This seals the deal instantly! Caro emphasized, “the town and districts will go through lockdowns, but internet won’t be blocked!”, every single industry will be affected and all will be looking for a way out. Only the social networking e-commerce Eastern Business Group’s ecKare is leading the way, it’s business will, from Taiwan, expand worldwide!


▲Caro分享以一支手機「網路行銷」的概念,並以團隊獨特的篩選方式,找出精準的銷售對象。Caro shared her concept on “Internet Marketing”, business conducting through a cell phone. She also shared on the way her team interact with potential customers through a unique process.


The pandemic plays as a turning point and it a challenge for all markets in Peng’s perspective. “It all depends on how fast one can change his or her business model. ecKare of Eastern Business Group is looking at over NTD100 million revenue in May 2020, and over NTD150 million in June 2020. A monthly growth of 50% growth!” The great results are the reason why people would want to join us and start their ecKare business. More and more entrepreneurs are becoming distributors of ecKare. “We are hoping that, after this pandemic, ecKare from the Eastern Business Group will be launching more and more, innovative tools as well as business models. This way, many more people would be able to achieve what they have always wanted to achieve in life. This business plan will increase people’s passive income and eventually, allow them to achieve finance freedom!”

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